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The AMP Rock Star 2013 Finale was held Saturday, January 19th, 2013. It featured all six Rock Star winners from previous competitions and included four finalists competing for the Rock Star title. After over five hours of performances from some of the best Calgary-area top new artists, Trinity Bradshaw was awarded the top prize of the evening. The winner was chosen by of top music executives and critics from across the country as well as by ballots from all those in attendance.

The full list of winners from ROCK STAR 2013:

Trinity Bradshaw Winner of AMP Rock Star 2013 $200,000 Grand Prize1st Place ($200,000):
»Trinity Bradshaw

2nd Place ($30,000):
»Crystal Kid

3rd Place ($11,000):
»Lucas Chaisson

4th Place ($9,000):
»Sidney York


Congrats to all the winners and thanks to Matt Blais, Frankie McQueen, Seventh Rain, Hey Bombshell, Makeshift Innocence and Amy Hef and all the fans that helped to make it a memorable night!

See below for other Rock Star winners and career development recipients.

2013 Rock Star Career Development Recipients:

Alanna Clarke

»Alanna Clarke

Crystal Kid

»Frank Torrealba (Lead Vocals, Bass), Charles Torrealba (Guitar, Keys, Vocals)

Jocelyn & Lisa

»Jocelyn Alice (Vocals), Lisa Jacobs (Bass, Guitar, Keys, Vocals)

Lucas Chaisson

»Lucas Chaisson

Sidney York

»Sidney York

Trinity Bradshaw

»Trinity Bradshaw

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